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Tara wrote: Riddles.
What can you catch but not throw? What travels around the world but stays in the corner? What is black and white and black and white and black and white? What is black and white and red all over. Do you know the answers? Write them in the commen (More)
Most of these jokes are from Roald Dahl whizzpopping joke book,but not all. Q. Who invented fractions? A. Henry the Eighth Teacher says: Write a sentence using the word lettuce. Pupil says: Let us out of school early. Q. What happens if you make (More)
Tara wrote: 5 Things I love!
I love school because without we wouldn't learn anything and have never probally met your best friend at school. I LOVE Maths because I am sort of good at it and I have liked it for a long time. I love minecraft because you can explore and use im (More)
All I awoke to was the dark ,gloomy dull sky like a black canvas.Screams and screeching filled my ears,as the fire,moaning and groaning, spread across the suffering village.The faded fire engine sounds grew louder and faded again.I had to start over! (More)