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Tara wrote: 5 Things I love!
I love school because without we wouldn't learn anything and have never probally met your best friend at school. I LOVE Maths because I am sort of good at it and I have liked it for a long time. I love minecraft because you can explore and use im (More)
All I awoke to was the dark ,gloomy dull sky like a black canvas.Screams and screeching filled my ears,as the fire,moaning and groaning, spread across the suffering village.The faded fire engine sounds grew louder and faded again.I had to start over! (More)
On Saturday 7th January I went to West Bromwich, to watch Derby play against them away and we..............WON 1-2. At first West Brom scored then Darren Bent scored from outside the box and then everyone (except the West Brom fans).After half time e (More)
Tara wrote: 2016 VS 2017
Do you think 2017 will be better than 2016? I think Yes because there could be some new cool things added to school.Also the school play is yet to arrive.The only sad thing is that we have to leave this magnificent school but we can have another hap (More)
The last four Derby games I went to we all won.Also, I got my pictures taken and autograph of the players. Derby are on a winning streak!! Will it continue? What do you think? (More)
Here is my pet Pandy   adopt your own virtual pet! What would your pet be? What would it be called ? (More)
Abigail wrote: Wonder - PJ Palacio
This book is about a boy who has a deformed face.Although, his has a loving family and he eats pizza , has an xbox like an ordinary person. Do you think everyone trying to get away from you as fast as possible is ordinary? Think there are many differ (More)
Tara wrote: Mysteries
Why do we use a hose? Why do we have a nose ? Why do we eat a cake ? Why do we have to bake ? Why does it always rain ? Isn't it such a pain ?   (More)
On the 7th of May , I went to my first ever Derby County match.When we arrived , we got a DCFC bracelet and a black and white scarf. After that, I got a certifiate for it being my first match and I also got my picture taken with Ewie. Next, we went t (More)
Tara wrote: Who am I?
I like school I like maths I wear Glasses I can go coo-coo sometimes Who am I? (More)