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Sean wrote: Apples
      Apples are juicy, Juicier then Peach. Apples are red, Redder than the man on the beach.   (More)
This book is great for people who love adventure story's. It is aimed at 10 to 14 year old children. This book is about a boy who leaves home, travels with the fair and then meets his destiny as The boy who swims with Piranhas. (More)
This book is a great story teller aged for nine to eleven year-old. If you like books that are hooking and interesting then this is the right book. The new councillor, Carla, is willing to help Bradley; a young, troubled boy. (More)
Sean wrote: Cadbury World
ALL OF THIS IS FACTS  FROM CADBURY WORLD. John Cadbury was an English proprietor and founder of Cadbury, the chocolate business based in Birmingham, England. John Cadbury was born in Birmingham to Richard Tapper Cadbury, who was from a wealthy Qu (More)
Sean wrote: Human Body
The Human Body The human body is a great thing. These things help our body work and function.  Bones, Blood, flesh, the list goes on. I'm going to tell you real facts about the human body. Read on to find out more. Cells Although cells ar (More)
Sean wrote: Super Sharks
Super Sharks are awesome! Defenders are Sharks. Just press that and see what amazing animals you can find and help! They might become extinct. Remember Sharks are Awesome... :) Thank you Malkusch Markus for this pic. (More)