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Rose wrote: North End Park
A petal brushed against our cheeks and the sun blinded us. North End Park stood before us and we couldn't believe it was winter , it felt like summer. A sudden cold breeze stopped our thoughts proceeding. I remembered why we came here. The evergree (More)
Rose wrote: Bugsy Malone
On the 22nd of February Lucy and I will be doing an audition to get a leading part in the CSTA ( Centre Stage Theatre Arts ) show Bugsy Malone. We are very excited but also fretting and TERRIFIED!!!! We are auditioning in front of everyone else in th (More)
Mr Connor wrote: Fantasy Writing
Here are a couple of videos taken from our English writing this week. Some of the children will share their plan, read a part of their story out and explain their choices. We hope you enjoy them! (More)
This book makes you laugh and cry that is why I love it . In the book Dan Hope has an annoying sister called Grace , I can relate to this because my siblings are annoying too . Dan has two best friends called Jo and Christopher.Jo is very religious a (More)
Title : A Boy Called Hope Author :  Lara Williamson  write a sequel ! We loved the books motto' some times a little bit of hope can go a long way'. At the start of the book we like how it says 'I love peanut butter it's so sticky it's a wonder (More)
Rose wrote: The Party
Rose wrote: My Guinea Pigs
These are my pet Guinea pigs Allan and Benny. Allen is the ginger Guinea pig and Benny is the other black and white one . They get exercise every day and we have to feed the in the morning and evening .   Benny and Allen are healthy one year old Gui (More)
Rose wrote: Pets
I love my pet guinea pigs ,but there are lots of others to love and care for as well ... here are some who are longing for a home at the RSPCA . Thank you to Katrina for letting me use this image. (More)
Rose wrote: Look at this