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Lucy wrote: Kevin's Story
Outside, in the murk and gloom, the raging wind roared in fury; inside the cave was still, filled with serenity and peace. After a while, I could hear a cold, dark breath, a crunch of rocky gravel and the short, soft whisper of a familiar, young voic (More)
A few weeks ago, I was at an audition for a show called Bugsy Malone at my drama club. The parts I went for were: Blousey, a shy sensitive girl  from a different part of America and Tallulah a confident singer and dancer with high ambitions. On S (More)
Rose wrote: Bugsy Malone
On the 22nd of February Lucy and I will be doing an audition to get a leading part in the CSTA ( Centre Stage Theatre Arts ) show Bugsy Malone. We are very excited but also fretting and TERRIFIED!!!! We are auditioning in front of everyone else in th (More)
On Friday, me and my friend Brille went to Nottingham with Miss Fitzpatrick to celebrate the end of our Year of Mercy. It was a gathering of many schools in the Nottingham diocese and we all came together as a community. It was a great way to see wha (More)