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Lucy wrote: Kevin's Story
Outside, in the murk and gloom, the raging wind roared in fury; inside the cave was still, filled with serenity and peace. After a while, I could hear a cold, dark breath, a crunch of rocky gravel and the short, soft whisper of a familiar, young voic (More)
A few weeks ago, I was at an audition for a show called Bugsy Malone at my drama club. The parts I went for were: Blousey, a shy sensitive girl  from a different part of America and Tallulah a confident singer and dancer with high ambitions. On S (More)
Rose wrote: Bugsy Malone
On the 22nd of February Lucy and I will be doing an audition to get a leading part in the CSTA ( Centre Stage Theatre Arts ) show Bugsy Malone. We are very excited but also fretting and TERRIFIED!!!! We are auditioning in front of everyone else in th (More)