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19michall wrote: An Ordinary Day
There’s a dolphin on my doorstep. It’s an ordinary day. He’s delivering the paper in his ordinary way. There’s a bison in my bathtub singing ordinary songs, and some hippos having ordinary hippo sing-alongs. In the pantry there’ (More)
19michall wrote: Wet Christmas
“Is it snowing outside?” I expectantly cried. “What’s that sound? Do you know? Is that Santa I hear?” “There is nothing outside,” mother calmly replied. “It’s not Santa or snow. No, it’s only rain, dear.” --Kenn Nesb (More)
19michall wrote: My Favourite Words
Spatula. Linoleum. Persnickety. Bermuda. Cattywumpus. Flabbergasted. Fuddy-duddy. Gouda. Nincompoop and scuttlebutt. Kerfuffle and gazebo. Dipthong. Macadamia. Skedaddle and placebo. Spackle. Grackle. Folderol. Galoshes. Dollo (More)
19michall wrote: No Pencil
No pencil. No marker. No paint brush. No pen. No nothing to draw with or paint with again. No blue paint. No green paint. No pink paint. No red. Mom takes them away when I colour my head. --Kenn Nesbitt (More)
19michall wrote: My Grandpa
I’ll tell you a bit of my grandpa. I think he’s a thousand years old. He must keep his hands in the freezer; I’ve never felt ice cubes that cold. The hair growing off of his earlobes is more than the hair on his head. His eyes are all b (More)
19michall wrote: I Made a Hat
I made a hat from fur and felt, a feather, and a leather belt. I topped it with a pretty bow and lots of ribbons, just for show. I held it up, admiring it, then tried it on. It wouldn’t fit! I pushed and pulled with all my might, the front, (More)
I tried to ride a skateboard. I fell and scraped my knee. I tried to ride a bicycle. I crashed into a tree. I tried to ride a scooter. I landed on my chin. I tried to ride a unicycle; lost a bit of skin. I even tried a tricycle but ran i (More)
Mashed potatoes on the ceiling. Green beans on the floor. Stewed tomatoes in the corner. Squash upon the door. Pickled peppers in my pocket. Spinach up my sleeves. Mushrooms in my underpants with leeks and lettuce leaves. Okra, onions, ar (More)
The turkey taquitos are tasty today. The pizza is perfectly fine. The burgers are better than ever before. The salads are simply divine. It’s something that never has happened before, and something we thought never could. But somehow a mira (More)
19michall wrote: A Fish in a Spaceship
A fish in a spaceship is flying through school. A dinosaur’s dancing on top of a stool. The library’s loaded with orange baboons, in purple tuxedos with bows and balloons. The pigs on the playground are having a race while pencils parade i (More)