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This book is a great story teller aged for nine to eleven year-old. If you like books that are hooking and interesting then this is the right book. The new councillor, Carla, is willing to help Bradley; a young, troubled boy. (More)
I enjoyed reading this book because it shows how people change people and that everyone makes mistakes even when you think that they're perfect. The book was about a boy called Bradley Chalkers but nobody really likes him apart from a new boy called (More)
This book is by far one of the best I have read in my life. This is because it goes through the life of Bradley Chalkers - a boy who was struggling at school but changed with the new arrival of Carla [ school councillor ]. The ending was amazing and (More)
In the summer,I read both of the Girl Online books.I love them!Once I stated reading them I couldn't put them down.The books created a great image in my head,you need to read them. (More)
Eimear wrote: Daybreak
This book was about a young girl called Annabelle,she had one Birthday wish and that was to go to a special river event. I thought this story line was really good.I enjoyed the part when Annabelle lost control of the cows,it was really funny.I would (More)
I loved this book,it was really fun to read.The book had an amazing humour with dawned me into it.This book made me laugh, whenever something went wrong .I would really like to read the second book (Cosmo B. Henderson:Could Do Better). (More)
This book was very good. I loved the story line ; I hope there's a sequel. When it neared the end, it was getting very emotional. My favourite bit was when Daniel and Christopher became step-brothers. (More)
I love this book! Sometime I feel like it's not even a book, I feel like it's more of imagination. I love how it's unexpected, realistic and a bit of a mystery. That's my type of book. I would recommend this book to anyone; especially people who have (More)