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Recently, I discovered this book series and i'm really happy I did. Instantly, I connected to this book .I found this book easy to read because of its structure.I read the updated version of this book and I loved it .This book was about a girl ca (More)
I recommend this book to people that like reading other peoples diaries.I really like this book because it is really funny and Greg has a peculiar attitude.He has a really dumb attitude. (More)
This is one of my favourite books because it really grips you in with creating suspense and leaving cliff hangers at the end of chapters. It's about a girl called Katy, who has six brothers and sisters. She gets paralysed in a wheelchair so she can't (More)
This book is about the animals' point of view. This amazing book includes five different tales: All Because of Jackson, The Catlady, The Guard Dog, Hairy Hezekiah and Horse Pie. My favourite part of the first tale was when Australia was infested with (More)
The White Giraffe is part of a wonderful book series - The White Giraffe , Dolphin Song, The Last Leopard and The Elephant's Tale. It is full of great description and has an understandable and interesting story line - it is an amazing novel. This boo (More)
/5 - 4.5/5 Recommend - 12+ (honestly, most people will enjoy this book, so there's no end age.) I wrote a book review on this last year, but I had to write another because it is, perhaps, the best book I've ever read. If you ask the other people (More)
The moon was such an exiting book to read and i thought it was cool when there were moon legends! There was something in this book that intrigued me. Were the moon landings Faked! (More)
/5 - 4/5 Recommended for: 10 - 16 year olds? Anyone older or younger might get bored with this book quickly. I've read this book a few times, and each time I enjoy it as much as the last. Normally when reading non-fiction (though this book sits o (More)
The Ghost Lord Returns is a great book because the two characters ,(Becky, Jimmy and Finn) go on a massive adventure to a massive building out at see they have to take Finn's Grandad's boat to travel there. I really like the book because of the teeth (More)
Likes: The main reason I enjoyed the book is because it creates so mush suspence that you never want to put the book down until you've finished. Also, I like the book because small parts make you feel so engaged you think you are the charecters. Di (More)