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I like this book because it is full of humor. this book is about when Tom hits his head by a cricket ball and finds himself at Lord Funt Hospital. I like the part where tom didn't bring any pyjamas so he he had to wear a pink frilly dress!! I (More)
Christy wrote: Someday Angiline
I like this book because even though Angiline is the smartest person in class she is the most loving child ever that anyone would ever love. I don't like it where people call her a Genius Freaks. I 'm happy for her dad because he finally f (More)
River Boy is beautifully written because it is about the life of a teenage girl. Jess loves swimming and she is good at it. Her grandad paints many pictures and he is working on a new one called the River Boy. Jess is confused because there is no boy (More)
Mr Connor wrote: Phoenix - S.F. Said
Have a look at this video book review of Phoenix by S.F. Said. BE WARNED - this contains spoilers so do not watch if you are reading the book.   (More)
I really liked reading Someday Angeline. This book is great because it is funny and useful. It is funny because there is a lot of jokes. Also, in my own opinion, i think Someday Angeline is inspirational because it tells you even though things will (More)
Beetle Boy is one of the best books I've read in my whole life. It shows how beetles are wonderful to this world even though many people think they are harmful. If we take care of them, they will not hurt us. Darkus and his friends, Virginia and Bert (More)
What i like -how the characters work together What i dislike - nothing I love the plot to this story about Darkus the best character in my opinion c is Novak Lucreshas daughter because she is really funny (More)
I love this book by David Walliams because it is really funny and it has clear scenes. My favourite part is when he first gets into hospital and that night he goes to see where his hospital mates are going. I highly recommend this book: *****/* (More)
This book is about a boy called Ben who has to go to his granny's every Friday. But he doesn't realise that his granny steals jewels. I like this book because it has a lot of humour. The ending is very sad because the granny dies of cancer. (More)
I really enjoyed reading Dork Diaries because it had humour, tension and a lot of drama. Dork Diaries is the life of a 14-year-old girl, Nikki J. Maxwell, that finds it hard to cope with a new school, a new bully and new friends. My favourite part wa (More)