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Nikki Maxwell,a girl who definetly wants to be popular wonders how will she get her arch-frenemy of her crush Brandon.So she jions the the newspaper to spend time with her love and to crush her frenemy. (More)
Jacob wrote: The Sidemen book
I loved this book because it is very original and is written in different parts. Also, I like how the writers separated the book into their own stories and memories. I especially like the part when they make a football team of them in fifa cards. Thi (More)
I read this book in the Christmas term, It was amazing. I love the girl online collection - they are great books. The books are about a girl called Penny who loves taking pictures. After having a famous boyfriend (Noah Flynn) she met a professional p (More)
I like this book because it's kind of based on a legend of the 1,000 paper cranes but to be precise it is based on Sadoko and the 1,000 paper cranes. "Sadoko Sasaki was a Japanese girl who lived near Hiroshima,Japan. She was just 2 when the atom bom (More)
I loved this book because it was funny and humorous. It was easy to understand and the book full of dreams. Its called the Midnight Gang because at night the children sneak down to the basement and make each others dreams come true. (More)
This book makes you laugh and cry that is why I love it . In the book Dan Hope has an annoying sister called Grace , I can relate to this because my siblings are annoying too . Dan has two best friends called Jo and Christopher.Jo is very religious a (More)
This book is a great story teller aged for nine to eleven year-old. If you like books that are hooking and interesting then this is the right book. The new councillor, Carla, is willing to help Bradley; a young, troubled boy. (More)
I enjoyed reading this book because it shows how people change people and that everyone makes mistakes even when you think that they're perfect. The book was about a boy called Bradley Chalkers but nobody really likes him apart from a new boy called (More)
This book is by far one of the best I have read in my life. This is because it goes through the life of Bradley Chalkers - a boy who was struggling at school but changed with the new arrival of Carla [ school councillor ]. The ending was amazing and (More)
In the summer,I read both of the Girl Online books.I love them!Once I stated reading them I couldn't put them down.The books created a great image in my head,you need to read them. (More)