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I think that this book is amazing because it's full of many many description which you can magpie and do in your writing. I'll rate this book a ..... 10/10. Abi Elphinstone is probably one of my favourite authors in 2017. You HAVE to read her books t (More)
This is an in unsual book filled with adventure , mystery and hypnosis . When I first got this book as a present I was a little unsure about it ., but as soon I got into it was AMAZING . If you want to know more about this book here is the blurb : O (More)
I just finished Gangsta Granny by David Walliams yesterday night, and I've got to say that the ending is absolutely heart-warming. When I started reading the book, it didn't really hook me, but as I read on I became more attached to the characters. A (More)
Unknown wrote: LINE OF FIRE - BARROUX
This is a book that does not have many words but it gives us a clue of what life was like as a soldier that has been called to go and work for the war. One day Barroux, the author of his book , was walking in Paris and he finds the diary of a soldier (More)
Well, i just love it really! We read this book in reading gladiators and I think it was the best book we have read. It's about a girl called Suzy who's friend Franny drowns swimming in MaryLand and Suzy thinks that a jellyfish stung her. I will recom (More)
I finished this book around 2 weeks ago and I must say that it is one of the best books I've read this current school year. This book is about a boy named Luke (the perspective the book is written from), and he has an older brother called Zack who tu (More)
'The thing about Jellyfish' is a great and interesting book, if I could read it again I definitely would. First of all, the main character in this book is called Suzanne (also called Suzy and Zu throughout the story) who is the perspective this book (More)
An amazing book written by a new author. As I read on secrets began to unravel . Unusual friendships were made along the way. Kofi spotted on the TESCO roundabout a dark figure . The figure revealed itself as Rorty Thrutch . Kofi takes Rorty home and (More)
My brother is a superhero is about a boy named Luke whose annoying geeky brother becomes a superhero. Luke could have been one too only if he hadn't needed to go for a wee. It is an adventurous story about superheroes ,crime,mystery,friendship and ha (More)
I enjoy reading the book because it shows you the bond between Pax and Peter and the perspective of Pax which shows how an animal adapts to its natural habitat and how to survive in it compared to our daily lives.I dislike how Sara sometimes just rep (More)
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