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Amera wrote: The Map
The Map   Outside the wind howled across the hills and through the valleys. Inside the cave was still. Well, as still as it could be. I curled up in a corner as the moon became something of the past. There was something there. In my cave. I pe (More)
I really enjoyed reading Dork Diaries because it had humour, tension and a lot of drama. Dork Diaries is the life of a 14-year-old girl, Nikki J. Maxwell, that finds it hard to cope with a new school, a new bully and new friends. My favourite part wa (More)
Amera wrote: Bird - Crystal Chan
Bird is a book about a girl - Jewel - who was born on the same day that her brother - John - died. My favourite part was when Jewel's parents had a fight about their dead son and the mum said '' I never wanted Jewel, I wanted John.'' My least favou (More)
Amera wrote: The Letter - Part 1
The day after Celia died I received this letter: I regret to inform you that I have taken my own life. This decision has taken a long time to be formed and was mine alone to make. I know it will cause you pain and for that I am sorry, but please k (More)
I enjoyed reading this book because it shows how people change people and that everyone makes mistakes even when you think that they're perfect. The book was about a boy called Bradley Chalkers but nobody really likes him apart from a new boy called (More)
Amera wrote: Animal Quizzes - #2
Answers from #1 1.lion     2. c     3. a     4. mane      5. b  Big cats 1. Fill in the blanks with either 'J' for jaguar or 'L' for leopard. ...climbs trees to eat or sleep ...has the strongest (More)
Amera wrote: Cake
I love cake but who doesn't. Cake is the best thing ever, just ask Stampylongnose! My favourite cake is chocolate cake or rocky roads - if they count as cake. Thank you  Vee Satayamas for this image (More)
Amera wrote: Animal Quizzes - #1
Big cats 1. Which is the only big cat that hunts in groups?  a) cheetah          b) cougar        c) leopard 2. Which big cat has the largest population and lives in the most countries? 3. The wor (More)
Amera wrote: The Cave Path
That spring I had my first real adventure. It might not sound much but I often wonder what would've happened if Woofs and I didn't find an escape. What would've happened if we stayed trapped in the dark eerie cave? It was spring the time of birds (More)