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mrturner wrote: Volcanoes
mrturner wrote: Volcano
19pauline wrote: A Sad Story
One sunny day, a family of 10 were having a great day. But one day, their father was acting strange. He was supposed to be the happiest in the family but sadly he was the angry one. He was groaning, pulling his daughters hair and had to sleep on the (More)
Dear Diary, I was in the school park. Everything seemed normal. Suddenly my friends came up to me. They said I was daydreaming. Thank Goodness! Then their eyes turned red. They looked like nightmares dressed like a daydream. So, I ran in the schoo (More)
Dear diary, I was frightened. The robots were trying to eat me like rats. Like a video game, I dodged the robots and ran as far as I could. In a second, I was getting tired, tired and tired until I felt like I could not breathe. I fainted when sud (More)
mrturner wrote: Facts about Athena
Dear Diary,  I was lying on the ground seeking shelter. Finally, I found this giant oak tree with an opening.  So then I went to sleep.  After, I hunted for food.  Surprisingly, I found berries.  I gobbled them up like a hungry monster.  Whi (More)
Dear Diary,  After I screamed, it was just the soldier. He looked very innocent. I said hello again but he just groaned. Then he left. I followed him secretly. When he went outside he was gone. Where was he? Anyway, I heard his groan again. Sudde (More)
The Philippines is a great choice for a holiday. Warm and fun. There are sandy, beautiful beaches and delicious restaurants. You can see lots of people there. Even, there are over 7000 islands there. So come to the Philippines right now!! :) (More)
Miss Eccleston is so kind and Mr Tuner is very fine. Miss Eccleston is very lovely and Mr Turner is so funny. Miss Eccleston is very cool and Mr Turner loves school. Who shall I choose? (More)