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Dear Diary,  After I screamed, it was just the soldier. He looked very innocent. I said hello again but he just groaned. Then he left. I followed him secretly. When he went outside he was gone. Where was he? Anyway, I heard his groan again. Sudde (More)
The Philippines is a great choice for a holiday. Warm and fun. There are sandy, beautiful beaches and delicious restaurants. You can see lots of people there. Even, there are over 7000 islands there. So come to the Philippines right now!! :) (More)
Miss Eccleston is so kind and Mr Tuner is very fine. Miss Eccleston is very lovely and Mr Turner is so funny. Miss Eccleston is very cool and Mr Turner loves school. Who shall I choose? (More)
19pauline wrote: Friends
We cuddle with a bear, we do each other's hair, we love friends everywhere. We laugh together, we play together, and we will be best friends forever. We love friends, friendship that never ends, and we always stick together un (More)
19pauline wrote: My Mysterious Night
Dear Diary,  My house was shaking, explosions were calling my house. A war was on and my parents were now dead. It was just me. I was in my basement hoping that it would be over soon. Then I felt so sleepy, so I went to sleep. Suddenly, I had a w (More)
19pauline wrote: My Teacher Loves Football
My teacher loves football, The best footballer ever, When he always plays, He really gets better. He's very good, The coolest and finest, But the worst thing is, He supports Nottingham Forest! My teacher loves watching it, When he (More)
I cant get enough of this pokemon go, The fever is on me, and starting to grow. This game is amazing! I thought you should know, There's nothing I want to do more.  I play on the playground, I play in the park, I play it in the daytim (More)
19pauline wrote: A Love Story
One sunny day, in a very beautiful neighbourhood, there was a boy. He was looking at a girl selling lemonade. She had big brown hair, red glasses and a bright yellow dress. The boy was selling orange juice but he had no customers. So he made posters (More)
19pauline wrote: The Secret Key
It was night. Mia was fast asleep. In the morning, she woke and stepped on something. It was a key attached to a beautiful necklace. So she decided to wear it. After she wore it she felt dizzy. In a flash, she fainted. One hour later, she woke up. Sh (More)
19pauline wrote: Courage
Courage is not the absence of fear,  But rather the judgement,  That someone else is,  More important,  Than fear.    Ambrose Redmoon (More)