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mrturner wrote: Facts about Volcanoes
19juana wrote: Riddle
What is more useful when it is broken? Answer: Egg (More)
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19juana wrote: Riddles
What disappears the moment you say its name? Answer: Silence.   There was a plane crash. Every single person died. Who survived? Answer: Married couples.   You give me something to eat - I live, yet give me something to dr (More)
19juana wrote: My Pet Dog (Poem)
My pet dog is like a hog  He's funny and cool And rolls in the mud and runs in the fog   My pet dog loves food  And his favourite dish is my homework But he's sometimes in a bad mood    My pet dog loves to chase t (More)
19juana wrote: Thorntons
A few days ago we made some chocolate. My favourite part was icing the chocolate. We had three women come in from Thorntons to teach us how chocolate was made.  It was very fun!  We made our own chocolate and made the packaging.  We got judged and (More)
It's spring, it's spring- when everyone sits round a roaring fire telling ghost stories! It's spring it's spring - when everyone sneaks into everyone else's yard and bashes up their snowman! It's spring it's spring - when last dead lea (More)
19juana wrote: The Sky
19juana wrote: Who, Sir, am I?
Who, sir am I? For a start, I hate sunshine And deserve the penalty - To be swallowed with good wine. Miserable slither, Landlubbery crustacean; The French eat me, sir. They are a wise nation!       ANS (More)