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mrturner wrote: Flowers
19fadzai wrote: My Teacher is so Crazy
My teacher is so crazy Her name is lazy Daisy Every day she seems so hazy Day and  night she seems alright but is crazy she sleeps in a bin like a plastic doll she looks so small never too tall she never calls at the ball by Fadzai   (More)
I'd love to be a digital leader, taking St Joseph's into the future, So much to learn from the computer, Our link to a digital to a digital future, That would be my role as the leader, I would take the students together and, Make the m (More)
19fadzai wrote: What is .....
What is blue does  even have a flu? What is red does it even have a bed ? What is pink does  it even stink ? What is brown does it have a big frown? What is yellow does  it come with a marshmallow? What is green is it older then a teen (More)