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Newsletter 8th January 2018

Newsletter 7th December 2017

Cake Sale

On Friday 29th September 2017 our whole school community came together to raise money for MacMillan Cancer support.

Y6 children worked together to prepare and coordinate a wide range of beautiful treats for us all to enjoy. Children from across the school brought in cakes to sell throughout the day. Staff baked and brought in a cake selection worthy of the ‘Bake Off’.

The atmosphere throughout the day was incredible. Everyone involved should be very proud of how they came together to raise funds for a wonderful charity.

With your support, we managed to raise £576.78.

Thank you.

Mrs Churchill

Latest Newsletter

Enterprise Day

On Friday, every class was given one simple challenge: to turn £20 into profit. 

All of the children were encouraged to use their maths knowledge in order to think about how to make and market new products, starting with only £20 for materials. 

The school was a hub of activity and the children were so excited to put their skills to practical use – and you can help! 

On Friday 2nd December, the school will host its annual Christmas Fayre, and each class will have a stall that will sell the products they made last week. Here’s a sneak preview (but don’t delay – the children are anticipating a rush!) 

Latest Newsletter

Our Advent begins

Today Mrs Churchill and the Chaplains led us in prayer today as Advent began.

Our mission is to write and try to keep an Advent promise; this promise will help prepare our hearts of Jesus.


Forest Schools

What a wonderful time of year to be learning in the woods. So far we have been doing lots of team building exercises, learning about the importance of shelters and building shelters from wood from our Spinney. We have quickly acquired the skill of erecting a tarpaulin shelter to protect us from those autumnal showers that are on there way !

Sheltering from the rain.

Sheltering from the rain.

Trust games.

Trust games.

Learning new knots.Working together.

Trainee Forest School Camp

Over the past five weeks a group of Forest School trainees have been working in Spinney View having a magical adventure. Here is a glimpse of what we have been doing. We have been making shelters, building fires, creating spy camps, playing games, lighting fires and of course toasting marsh mellows !


Newsletter 06.03.15