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Academy Conversion Letter for stakeholders

Festival of Dance

The annual Festival of Dance took place two weeks ago, and this year St. Joseph’s had representatives from across the whole school. With the help of Mr Turner, teams choreographed a range of dances on the theme of films.


You can watch the dances below:


Thank you to the Derby City SSP for organising this event, and for sharing these wonderful videos.

Safer Internet Day 2017

This week the school celebrated Safer Internet Day, which focused on the images we share online.

The day started with an assembly prepared by the Digital Leaders, who asked which apps we use and how we share images. We were encouraged to think about how much we share, whether we are sharing personal and private information, and whether we are sharing images without asking first.

The Digital Leaders leading our assembly

In classrooms, lots of activities took place, such as learning a song about being safe online, sorting images into ‘ok to share/not ok to share’, creating emojis and lots of discussion about what we do online.

Are we sharing positive images of ourselves?

Discussing first impressions

Creating advice for digital content

Do we need to share everything about ourselves?


Perhaps one of the most surprising things is how much the children are sharing online with strangers. Lots of the children claimed to have upwards of 100 followers on different apps such as and Instagram without knowing who those followers were.


Clearly this is concerning. Our children have been encouraged to think carefully about what they share and who they share with. Please talk to them about this and make every day on the internet safer for them.


The BBC were reporting widely about social media and the role we can play as teachers and parents. This article discusses whether we share too much unnecessary personal information about our children, while there is a great selection of articles that could  be discussed with your children here.

SATs meeting

Please find below the slides from the SATs meeting that was held on Monday 16th January.

Enterprise Day

On Friday, every class was given one simple challenge: to turn £20 into profit. 

All of the children were encouraged to use their maths knowledge in order to think about how to make and market new products, starting with only £20 for materials. 

The school was a hub of activity and the children were so excited to put their skills to practical use – and you can help! 

On Friday 2nd December, the school will host its annual Christmas Fayre, and each class will have a stall that will sell the products they made last week. Here’s a sneak preview (but don’t delay – the children are anticipating a rush!) 

Google Expeditions

Today Key Stage 2 have been very lucky to be visited by Google, who shared with us their new app Google Expeditions. This is a new product that allows teachers to take their classes on virtual field trips – we went to the Antarctic, swam with sharks and even went to the moon!

The children absolutely loved this experience and we hope we can use the app and the VR goggles (Google Cardboard) again.

Condover 2016

What a week! Our children have conquered fears, worked together, tried new things and have generally been brilliant for their week away at Condover. As ever, staff at Condover, as well as staff from other schools, were full of compliments about our children which makes us enormously proud.

Thank you all – get some rest this weekend!

Safer Internet Day

On Tuesday 9th February, all of the children at St. Joseph’s took part in Safer Internet Day. This was a day to raise awareness of how brilliant the Internet is, but also to think about we can make it a safer, better place.

We started the day with an assembly. The Digital Leaders helped to ask questions and made us think about what actions to take when we see something we don’t like online.

After this, each class worked on a particular element of how to be safer online: some made rules, some created role plays and others even sang songs!

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