Assessing Without Levels

The Curriculum

As of September, all children in years 1 to 6 have been working from the new National Curriculum.  The Curriculum has significantly raised expectations across the year groups, and has a far greater emphasis on children developing a deeper understanding of their learning, within age related expectations, rather than moving onto expectations from the year group above.


What has changed with relation to assessment?

As part of the DfE reforms to the National Curriculum, the system of ‘levels’ which were used to report children’s attainment and progress, has been removed. The new Programmes Of Study in the Curriculum set out what should be taught by the end of each key stage.  Schools have been given the freedom to develop an assessment system that will track progress, as well as show where the children are in relation to end of year age related expectations.


How are we going to assess at St Joseph’s?

At St Joseph’s we are using both formative and summative assessments in order to establish how your child is developing as a learner.  During Parents’ Evenings, we will discuss their development and how they are progressing towards end of year expectations.

  • What is formative assessment?

Formative assessment is the day-to-day assessing that the teacher and teaching assistant do in class.  A number of strategies are used which include questioning, discussions, guided work, marking work in books and homework.

  • What is summative assessment?

Summative assessments are the formal tests that may be done at the end of a unit of work, at the end of a half term or at the end of a term.  The scores from these are then used alongside the formative assessments to determine how your child is progressing as a learner.


Please note: Children who are in Reception are still being assessed in the same way. These changes only affect children in years 1 – 6.


Letter to parents about the changes to assessment


Maths Expectations

 Writing Expectations

Reading Expectations


Information from the SATs meeting for parents 19.11.15